"A crackling thriller brimming with both paranoia and philosophical conundrums."

-KA Bedford on Thomas World


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September 7, 7:00 PM
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Recommended authors, etc.

Jonathan Franzen - If you're a fan of fiction, you have to read The Corrections. If you haven't already.

Jeffrey Eugenides - Same for Middlesex. Wow.

Colin Harrison - Writes great literary thrillers. Highly recommended. Check out Afterburn.

Larry McMurtry - Gifted author whose characters are more real than many people I know. As a kid I couldn't believe such a talented author lived just down the road.

Brian Greene - My favorite science writer. He explains particle physics with language and metaphors the rest of us can understand. The Elegant Universe was nominated for the Pulitzer. The Fabric of the Cosmos may be even better.

Stephen King - You don't need the link, sure, but I have to mention him. The writer who led me out of the dark and into the light.

Nelson DeMille - Wow. What a great writer of suspense and thrillers. And then there is The Gold Coast. One of my favorite novels ever.

Charlie Huston - He writes pulp. He writes noir. He kicks ass. Caught Stealing and Six Bad Things are fantastic. His new one is Already Dead.

Dennis Lehane - You know him from Mystic River, but this guy has been a great writer for years.

Tom Perrotta - Election is perhaps his best-known book (the movie adaptation is an all-time favorite) but his novels are full of great characters, witty, intelligent prose, and unflinching observations about contemporary society.

John Grisham - A master of suspense and cinematic storytelling. The Rainmaker is still my favorite. Fantastic opening line.

Lincoln Child - Writes popular thrillers with Douglas Preston and has recently penned a couple of solo efforts. His latest is Death Match.

Robert McKee - You want to understand the mechanics of storytelling? Buy his book Story. I've never read anything that helped me understand my craft better than this book.

Ed Stackler - Freelance editor who introduced me to the world of publishing, and a good friend. Very talented and intelligent man.