"A crackling thriller brimming with both paranoia and philosophical conundrums."

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Thomas World

In my third novel, Thomas World , a man begins to realize that there's no way to know if his life is real, or if his entire world is come kind of computer simulation...one where he is the main character.
I realized there was no philosophical distinction between Greek and Roman mythology and the stories and fables written in the Bible.

I wrote a blog on MySpace a few years ago called "Let There Be Ants," where I considered a mechanical ant farm:

I wrote this blog over the course of forty minutes, with no particular inspiration other than my constant, nagging questions about Christianity and religion in general. Having been raised in a Catholic household where belief was a part of everyday life, I had no reason to question God until one day in junior high when I realized something new and important-there was no philosophical distinction between the Greek and Roman mythology I was learning in history with the stories and fables written in the Bible.

Still, in the words of Fox Mulder, I want to believe.

The idea behind that blog became this novel.

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The God Particle

My second novel, The God Particle, is a blend of science and suspense, where a high-energy physicist searching for the underlying structure of the universe finds truth in an unlikely place--the mind of a man who survived a near-fatal head injury.
I always fry a few brain cells whenever I think about how strange and amazing the universe is.

I always fry a few brain cells whenever I think about how strange and amazing the universe is, that we're even in it. So I decided to write a book that reads like I feel about the whole thing. The central question explored in The God Particle is posed in the following exchange between two characters in Chapter Two:

"...when you think of the interaction of all those particles and energy, and gravity collapsing matter into stars, and some of those stars exploding, ejecting heavier elements that eventually end up as planets orbiting stars, including at least one that somehow produced an organism complex enough to ask questions of the universe that spawned it--hell, I don't know if 'miracle' is a big enough word to describe something like that."

"...all that randomness, all those accidents.doesn't that seem a little--I don't know--coincidental to you?"

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My first novel, Rift, was released in hardcover by Ballantine Books in June 2004. It is the story of Cameron Fisher, a man who volunteers to test a teleportation machine that his company plans to market as a transit system. But when something goes horribly wrong with the test, he finds himself on the run, trying to find out what's wrong with his body (and his life) before the experimenters have him killed.

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In progress

I'm currently working on my next novel, a post-apocalyptic drama called House of the Rising Sun.

What happens when a celestial event generates an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out all the technology we take for granted every day? What would we do without power, without automobiles, without the modern conveniences we take for granted every day? The posh world in which we live could easily become a terrifying Mad Max-style horror film with just the tiniest flicker of energy from space.

House of the Rising Sun explores humanity's tragic response to an unexpected global tragedy.