"A crackling thriller brimming with both paranoia and philosophical conundrums."

-KA Bedford on Thomas World


SoonerCon 2006
July 15-16, 2006
Oklahoma City, OK
Conestoga 10
July 28-30, 2006
Tulsa, OK


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Thomas World

Author Richard Cox (that's me) is known for combining high concept ideas with adrenaline-fueled suspense, and he's taken the concept to a mind-bending new level in the psychological thriller Thomas World (Night Shade books, September 6, 2011).

Thomas World explores the mind of a man who suspects his life isn't real, that everything he knows to be true might not be true at all. And once he begins to question the most essential facets of everyday reality, his life spins quickly out of control. On a journey to find answers to our most intringuing questions, Thomas turns reality inside out...not just for himself, but for everyone. Including you .

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