Praise for my previous novel, The Boys of Summer

“This beautifully written supernatural thriller is vibrantly original and his characters are intricately detailed.”

The mind-blowing aspects of this complex, challenging novel build slowly, inexorably, to a climax that involves a storm to end all storms. And it is glorious.”
Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi Blog

“The Boys of Summer is speculative fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy, incorporating political, economic, and religious philosophies. It reminds me simultaneously of Stand by Me, The Omen, and The Truman Show.”
Lone Star Literary Life


The Boys of Summer

 Thomas World

The God Particle




Since August I’ve been rewriting House of the Rising Sun, an effort undertaken after several months of tepid responses from publishing houses. You might think, when you’ve published four novels, it would be easy to sell your fifth...especially when the idea for the...

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Jonathan Franzen Doesn’t Really Want You to Follow His Rules

Even though I signed up in 2008, I’ve never used it much until this year, so the way information and emotion spread through the Twittersphere is somewhat new to me. The reason I find myself on there at all is to consume opinion and theories about the Trump presidency...

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Richard Cox: World Famous Author. Amateur golfer. Bomb hitter.

Welcome to This is where I shamelessly self-promote the novels I write. My upcoming book is called House of the Rising Sun. You should totally pre-order it before all the copies are gone.

P.S. I’m not really world famous, but I helped my friend, Brian, become a little bit famous. And I starred in the classic 2007 film Brett and Richard Play Golf: The Movie.