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Praise for The Boys of Summer

“This beautifully written supernatural thriller is vibrantly original and his characters are intricately detailed.”


“The mind-blowing aspects of this complex, challenging novel build slowly, inexorably, to a climax that involves a storm to end all storms. And it is glorious.”

Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi Blog

The Boys of Summer is is speculative fiction, science fiction, historical fiction, and fantasy, incorporating political, economic, and religious philosophies. It reminds me simultaneously of Stand by Me, The Omen, and The Truman Show.”

Lone Star Literary Life


Thomas  World

The God Particle



The God Particle and You

If you have access to the Internet, and use it for something other than checking for winks on,  you may have read how the lovely folks at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have discovered a new particle they believe to be the Higgs boson, affectionately known...

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Life is Good

This essay isn’t about anything tragic. I won’t be writing about the economy, about being single and lonely, about a family member I’ve recently lost. I won’t be complaining about the ridiculous Republican primaries or how President Obama has decided the U.S....

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What Sort of Pattern Do You See?

The other day I attempted to write an essay about the human brain and its extraordinary knack for pattern recognition. Brains are capable of identifying complex and subtle relationships between external stimuli that would confuse even the world’s most powerful...

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