Writers always want to know what other people think about their work. Many tie their very self-esteem to these opinions and no matter what they might say to you, they do not want to know what you really think. They want to hear how much you enjoyed it, how it encouraged you to see life in a whole new way, etc. Bad reviews are like knives you can stab these writers with. A lot of them never get better because their friends learn quickly not to be honest.

I’m not one of these writers (really, I’m not). I always want to know what people really think, because that way I can maybe improve. I’m nowhere near the level of talent I hope to achieve, so I need to know what works and what doesn’t. Recently I received my first 1-star review on Amazon, and it was no big deal. Someone hated it enough to give me the lowest rating…wow! With these bad reviews, even if you don’t agree with the whole thing, you can usually find something in there that can make you a better writer.

But while I don’t mind the bad reviews, I think if most of them were bad, or if a high percentage really, really hated my work…that might get to me. A person’s skin is only so thick. And I wonder what you do if you’re one of these writers who repeatedly gets hammered on Amazon. Check out the reviews below, which are all 1-star reviews of several books by an author who writes kind of basic thrillers, whose books you’ve probably seen in the airport bookstore. I’ve read a little of his work, and I didn’t care much for it, but wow. Is there a point where the brutal honesty is too much? You decide.

(BTW, to protect his identity, I’ve deleted his name and specific references to his work.)

Do not read this book, unless you like a diet of dog food. *author’s* standard fare of horrific plots and stupid twists continue. Save your $17.

I started reading this book on a flight to LA, but found it more interesting and stimulating to put it down and stare at the seatback in front of me. I tried again at my hotel during my stay; no luck, anything was better than trudging through the *book* muck with *character*. Finally, before checking out, I made the decision to leave the *book* in the hotel room. Good riddance.

Any Body can write a Novel
This book is a classic example of the current Novel Factories(Clancy, Grisham et al). Mediocrity and a lucrative screenplay are the only objective. No quality research, poor Human insight just the unrealistic good guy and TOTALLY bad Guy. I say, NO NOVEL NO GOOD and guess what *author* NO MOVIE RIGHTS

Utter trash
I found the prologue painful. The rest is history. *author* displays a rudimentary knowledge of *subject* and auto-erotic asphyxiation for couples, and proceeds to bore the reader to tears. Worst book of the year. I will never read a *author* Novel again. By the way, this was my first. Trash, Trash, Trash, Trash!

*Author* stinks
I have not read this book because if i have to read one more of *author’s* books i will be forced to put a bullet in my head. How many times can a person right the same book over and over again. All he does is change the name of the characters and *business* that person woks out. *author* i hope you are reading this. Please do not write any more books

Someone please stop *author*
Someone please stop *author* from writing anymore novels. This is the absolute worst book I have ever read. There aren’t enough adjectives or expletives to describe this book.

The only mystery of this book is that it…
got published.

I have never in my life read a more technically inproficient writer. Avoid at all costs.

Written for a 5 year old
This is one of the worst “suspense” type books I have read. Everything is telegraphed way ahead, and it is feels like it is written (minor titilation aside) by a 15 year old for a 5 year old. Certainly, the reading skills of a 5 year old will get you thru this book.

Authors such as David Martin, David Lindsey, Michael Connelley, Jonathan Kellerman are MUCH MUCH better.

It gets 1 star for its interesting weaving of *subject* into the story.

PS I showed it to a friend, and he disagreed with me – he felt it was written BY a 2 year old

Only a Vulture Could Stomach This One!
Having had the unfortunate displeasure of reading both of *author’s* forays into writing, I have but one piece of advice for the author — do not quit your day job, PLEASE!

Haphazard collection of cheap gimmicks
The book does not appear to be the work of a professional writer. It consists of one incredible event followed by another.

SUCKED– COULDN’T GET THROUGH IT couldn’t keep my attention on the train-

How does this stuff get into print?
Come on. We (book buyers) aren’t all a bunch of morons. How this book got agented, shopped, published, reviewed placed, and is probably a better story. Really. It was poorly written and badyly edited and I want my money back.