After four events, the Corey Scott Feldman Cup is stronger than ever. Last week’s stirring finish included a flurry of great shots and set several Tour records. A new standard of Feldman Cup golf was set.

Unfortunately, according to Google Analytics, the Cup is struggling to attract new fans. In fact, the only people who regularly visit the web site are the Tour’s two players, Brett Robbins and Richard Cox.

But now, through this special offer, YOU can be part of the action! The organizers of the C.S. Feldman Cup (us) are taking suggestions to name three (3) of their upcoming events!

Here’s how it works. A typical PGA Tour event usually combines the name of a corporate sponsor along with a more traditional title.

For example, what was once known as the Houston Open is now called the Shell Houston open. The Heritage is now the Verizon Heritage. The Byron Nelson is now the EDS Byron Nelson Championship.

C.S. Feldman Cup (<–that is a link, try clicking it!) events differ in one important way. They include a corporate sponsor and the name of a Corey Feldman film. Here are the names of our first four events:

E. F. Hutton Blown Away Championship

Sprint – Nextel Meatballs 4 Invitational

Remington Loaded Weapon 1 Shootout

Goldman Sachs Stepmonster Championship

So come up with your own name, submit it here, and Brett and I will choose three winners. If you are selected, we will give you credit at You will become a valued sponsor of the C.S. Feldman Cup!

Finally, you should know that Brett and I are currently discussing the possibility of having Corey Feldman himself come to Tulsa for the season’s final event and fourth major, the Feldman Championship. What better way to celebrate the inaugural season than to have the Cup’s namesake there for the trophy presentation? So if you happen to know Mr. Feldman, let us know. (I’m not joking).

Good luck with your entries. Contest ends tomorrow at noon U.S. CST.

C.S. Feldman Cup!!!1111!!777


After a long evening of discussion and infighting, the C.S. Feldman Cup tournament name winners have been announced. It was difficult to narrow the field to three choices, so we didn’t! We picked five.

And the winners are:

The Ambien Dream a Little Dream Cup

The TrimSpa Round Trip to Heaven Shootout

The Viagra Time After Time Invitational

The NRA No Witness Shootout

The Chiquita Banana Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! Scramble

Thanks to everyone who submitted tournament names! Special thanks to El Supremo and Baba Ghanouj who went the extra mile for the C.S. Feldman Cup.

This weekend we will play the first event in the list, the Ambien Dream a Little Dream Cup! You can see a list of all tournaments here.

Be sure to add the C.S. Feldman Cup to your bookmarks and check back often for updates! Or to be added to our newsletter list, send an email to:!

C.S. Feldman Cup!!!1