To the battlefield our warriors approached, clubs strapped to the back of a mighty electric machine, ammunition in the form of white, dimpled musket balls. Highs winds whipped DryFit shirts across their backs, shaping the trajectory of their carefully placed shots. A short, sidekick of a man followed the warriors around with his toy weapons, pretending to wage war with these powerful soldiers.

The game was afoot.

It began with Brett firing his first shot so far left the ball was nearly lost, while Richard secured early strategic position. By the end of the first exchange of fire, however, Brett admirably saved face while Richard missed the opportunity for an early birdie and the outright lead.

During the ensuing skirmish, Brett and Richard both hit approaches near the hole, but Richard failed to convert his birdie putt, while Brett knocked his in the heart of the cup.

Richard hammered a 330 yard drive straight at the green on hole 3, but came up just short, and missed another golden birdie opportunity. Brett made par and soldiered on.

Hole four saw Richard miss the green and card his first bogey. Brett, however, somehow coaxed a 40-foot birdie putt into the hole, reaching two under par after four holes.

And then…the fateful fifth hole.

With a 25 mile-per-hour wind directly in their faces, the par 3 green 218 yards away, Brett chose a 3-wood and took aim at the flagstick. His shot was the stuff of dreams, pure and straight into the wind and blazing sun. Unfortunately the shot seemed so strong that it flew over the flag and landed behind the green.

Our other warrior, Richard, chose to hit a soft two-iron. He didn’t want to make the same mistake as Brett and power the ball past the hole. But alas, his swing lacked conviction, and the ball landed short of the green. An average chip left him a long par putt.

Meanwhile, Brett wandered behind the green, searching in vain for his dimpled musket ball. To his dismay, the ball seemed to be lost. When there was nowhere else to look, Brett trudged toward the green, approaching the flagstick for the obligatory look into the hole.

Where he found his ball.

Arms raised arms in triumph, Brett belted out a yell heard by warriors across the great battlefield.

For only the second time in his storied career, noble warrior Brett Robbins made a hole-in-one. And this one was remarkable, considering his shot carried more than two football fields against the wind before ending up in a hole 4.25 inches in diameter.

Now that he was four under through five holes, Brett had no intention of accepting defeat.

Later, Richard was forced to turn over the trophy.

“You won this battle,” Richard muttered as he handed Brett the grand, silver cup. “But the war rages on.”

Everyone congratulate Brett on his hole-in-one last Saturday. 218 yards straight into the wind!